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Operating Deflection Shape, ODS

A Study of a Bad Foundation By Allen Plymon Due to the recent upturn in sales, a wire manufacturing facility needed to increase its production of metal cased conductors. In order to increase the production, the operating speed of the metal forming machines needed to be increased from 900 RPM to 1,200 RPM. However, when operated […]

Three Advanced Machinery Analysis Test

Operating Deflection Shape (ODS), Bump Tests and Modal Analysis are three tools at the disposal of Plant Engineering and Predictive Maintenance Teams. Each test has its unique purpose and benefit. I have found that many of our customers are unaware of the three tests and/or are confused by their application and purpose. Let’s start by […]

Welcome to our Blog Page!

Hello, The purpose of this blog page is to provide our customers with product news, applications and case studies.   The data posted on this blog is for information only and  is intended for the privite use of The Normandy Group’s customers.   These posting should not be considered an engineering solution but a reference upon which to build.